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VEX I Historical Project Areas

Rome Project

  • Early identification of the core area in the emerging Mississippi Lime play.
  • Rapid, low cost leasing of about 250,000 acres in the targeted core area.
  • Generated detailed engineering and geologic model across the play.
  • Drilled and completed four concept-proving horizontal wells.
  • Sold entire prospect to major independent for ~6/1 ROI in less than 2 years.

Rome Project VI

Gladiator Project

  • Extended Rome Project siliceous carbonate reservoir concept to new area.
  • Leased nearly 175,000 acres as an early mover in less than 1 year.
  • Drilled 4 horizontal and 5 vertical science wells with 1200' of core to generate detailed geologic facies model.
  • Sold entire prospects for substantial ROI in just over 1 year.

Gladiator Project VI